Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guilty! My wedding Invitation

This is something I created in 2005. I wish I had started to blog a long ago. Better late than cliched. Enjoy!

A Special Wish from the Bride & the Groom

Dear People!
Not everybody can emulate Vajpayee. However tempting the
 thought of remaining eligiblefor life may seem .... 
I've  just given up my claim to  the pope hood! I've found my rib.  
Now there will be another person to worry about me..... and another 
person to worry!
I will soon be tying the 'knot' (Strangely, the only knot that comes

 to my mind is the one on the hangman's noose!) 
The sentence(God willing) will be carried out on the 8th of July in God's own  country . Four days after the American Independence
......I lose mine! 
Please treat this as a personal invitation.
The 'victim' has completed her MBA from the Mangalore University
 (she obviously had more sense than me by not joining ICFAI!) and is 
currently working in the HR of Emphasis......Mangalore. 
So I won't be attending any more classes from ICFAI. I'll soon have personalized coaching at home! And because of that, in all 
probability, I will complete the program along with my second child!
But lets keep that under wraps right now!

The card looks too sober to be mine. But my parents threatened to disown me if even mentioned 'minor' changes!
BesidesI don't think I would savor sleeping on the couch ....alone Sigh!

P.S. A few of my friends wanted to have a look at her snap to see  what she looks like ...'before I drive her nuts!"
I obliged them with a snap from the engagement...scroll down to see the picture!
Disclaimer : I'm not responsible for any hair loss.

"A man is incomplete before marriage. After that.....he's finished!" - Zsa Zsa Gabor

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  1. WOW, one of it's kind invite :) & I must say you both look standingly stunning in the pic :)