Friday, December 5, 2014

FIR - Innovation

Missing In Action!

Describe the missing person
  • Unmarried, undetermined gender, about as old as the human race, around 5 feet 5 inches, black hair, black eyes, shy, nods head to say yes AND no :) Responds to the name - Innovation.
Characteristics of Innovation
  • Usually is something that adds value
  • Could be something new
  • Might be an answer to a problem
  • Starts with an intent
  • Needs to be looked at with a birds eye view
  • Is about the 'why' not the 'what'
  • Is also about the 'why not'
  • Needs a suitable environment to thrive
  • Needs lots of love and involvement, usually moody
  • Innovation is all around us
  • Innovation is human nature

Why is Innovation Missing?
  • Lack of management support
  • Needs a strong foundation
  • Needs courage to speak up
  • Innovation has cultural overtures
  • Suffers from "what-do-others-think-about-my-idea-syndrome"
  • Being treated for Atychiphobia (Fear of Failure)
  • Recently diagnosed with "Happy-with-status-quo virus"

How do we find Innovation?
  • Encouraging the spark called courage
  • Remember that anyone can innovate
  • Innovation can be incremental or disruptive
  • Innovation needs persistence
  • Innovation needs to be proto typed
  • Needs a user base for the innovation
  • If you can help people find the answer to WIIFM, you are probably close to finding the missing person
  • Remember to seek and accept all the help available and take action!
  • Innovation starts with me/you
Last Seen: On Friday, 5th December, at 5 PM at Mugdha's discussion on Innovation at STC India 2014.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of innovation, tweet location to #STCIndia2014

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  1. HI Nibu, You are true to your name! 'Nibbed' well :) Loved the innovation brought out in writing this article. Every point you mention is true. Enjoyed the read. Keep writing, or should I say 'nibbing' :)
    Seema Gaurav

    1. Thanks Seema. Actually, these were notes from the entire audience. I just involved the police :D and of course the nib.